Interesting Article About Chiropractic and Neck Pain

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Chiropractic Care and Neck Pain Go Hand in Hand.

By: Dr. Jim Bodoh and Dr. Corey Harris Chiropractors at River City Chiropractic

Interesting New York TImes article about Neck Pain.

Here is an interesting article in the New York Times that talks about chiropractic care for treating neck pain. This study took a group of patients and divided them into several groups randomly. One group was given chiropractic care, one light exercises, and another was given pain medication to treat their neck pain. Chiropractic care performed the best at reducing symptoms of neck pain. The other exciting part of the study was that when care was stopped, the patients were then interviewed a year later about how they felt. The results of this showed that chiropractic care did better than all the rest at keeping patients out of pain.

This is exciting new research that backs up what chiropractors have been saying for years. Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to treat neck pain. It fixes the cause of the problem and doesn’t just cover up the symptoms like pain medications do. With more and more serious side effects coming out from medications and more and more lawsuits being filed everyday from people that had negative side effects that were not known, isn’t it time to try a more conservative approach? Chiropractic care can help people get back to living a pain free life.


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