1. Here’s how the community shined


    Times readers deliver holiday hopes to needy families

    As balled up wrapping paper fills garbage bags, ornaments return to protective cases and light displays begin to dwindle, the hope that our readers gave four families this holiday season will extend well into 2014.

    canada goose black friday sale For the eighth consecutive year, the Tampa Bay Times presented its Holiday Hopes series, profiling people and families in need and sharing their holiday wishes in the hopes someone would lend a hand. And many did deliver, filling our recipients with gratitude. Here’s how the community shined. canada goose black friday sale

    canada goose coats on sale TAMPA Deborah Barr has a simple wish: to learn to read. Several readers want to help and Barr said one woman cheap canada goose coats uk came to visit her and brought her a book that they worked through together. She said the story made her famous at the housing complex where she lives. It will take patience and time to learn to read, Barr knows. But she’s willing to work and excited about the help. On Christmas she visited her sister and opened her gifts: vanilla and strawberry bath soaps, a housecoat and new pots. canada goose coats on sale

    canada goose uk shop She says everyone keeps telling her, canada goose outlet uk “You’re going to get it. You’re going to make it,” she said. canada goose uk shop

    And she responds: “Yep. I sure am.”

    buy canada goose jacket cheap The Blackwell family buy canada goose jacket cheap

    BRANDON The Blackwell family is living “a Christmas miracle.”

    Canada Goose Parka “It’s just amazing, just amazing to have people care about us that we don’t even know,” Joanie Blackwell said. “That’s what’s mind boggling. The spirit of Christmas lives on. That was richer than any material gift.” Canada Goose Parka

    The outpouring from readers touched by the family’s story was tremendous, said Stacey Efaw, executive director for Emergency Care Help Organization.

    The family of seven canada goose outlet online store has struggled since 2001 when their father was diagnosed with brain cancer. In a time when technology dominates all, including routine homework assignments, Joanie Blackwell wanted her children to have a new laptop to help with school while allowing them to explore their creative interests in music and art.

    However, her children had an idea of their own. When their mother’s back was turned, they pulled out a note with a different request: a camera for their mom.

    “She deserves a lot and doesn’t get praised for a lot she does for our family,” canada goose hybridge lite uk the note canada goose clearance said. Readers donated $1,500, a $600 Apple cheap canada goose gift card, a Canon Power Shot camera, an all in canada goose cleaning uk one HP computer, camera gear and a system for photography backdrops Blackwell can set up on the back porch for portraits.

    The family made thank you cards for everyone who donated and baked cookies for the owner of the North Tampa Photography store and the workers at ECHO. In hopes of canada goose outlet store uk paying things forward, the family spent Christmas feeding the homeless and the day after volunteering at ECHO.

    “It’s been a pleasure to have the children see the outpouring of support from the community,” Blackwell said. “It’s been miracle after miracle.”

    Ruby Brown

    canada goose uk outlet YBOR uk stockists of canada goose jackets CITY St. Peter Claver Catholic School responded to an inquiry about a family in need by suggesting Ruby Brown. In the past seven years, Ruby Brown has taken in 10 kids, the children of her four grandnieces, at her old wood home. canada goose uk outlet

    These kids have dealt with a lot of loss, Brown said. They usually ask for their mothers, especially on holidays. But the day after Christmas, the kids were still busy opening presents.

    “You can’t make up for a canada goose careers uk mom,” Brown said. “But you can shower them with love and presents.”

    They were so happy. Readers had dropped off shoes and clothes and food and comforters and bikes and skateboards and many more toys. Before Christmas, a man named Bill took them all shoe shopping. Three year old Jasmine did not want to take off her new Baby Phat shoes that night.

    Readers also donated tickets to the Florida Aquarium and Busch canada goose outlet ottawa Gardens.

    Canada Goose Online In addition to Mary, who orchestrated the donations through the school, the family wants to thank all who stepped up to help. Canada Goose Online

    canadian goose jacket “Please tell everyone we love them and thank them for everything,” Brown said. “Tampa is the place to live. People are so caring and sharing.” canadian goose jacket

    The Youngs

    canada goose clearance sale TAMPA PALMS Perry and Samantha Young spent Christmas Day lounging in their pajamas opening gifts. A retired Army general brought Perry a new laptop and a Dragon program that translates speech into text. Readers gave the couple gift cards that they will save for a rainy day and 1 year old KinLee got “crazy amounts of gifts,” Samantha said. canada goose clearance sale

    Bob Silah of Operation Helping Hand said several people contacted him, some with https://www.mild-und-leise.de gifts yet to be delivered.

    Canada Goose online The couple, both 21, met in eighth grade, dreaming of traveling far from their hometown in Georgia. An attack in Afghanistan left Perry a quadriplegic with a Purple Heart. He is continuing therapy at the spinal cord injury center at James A. Haley VA Medical Center Canada Goose online.

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