Announcing an Exciting New Partnership!

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Come learn more about how RCC and PBCOA can help you.

River City Chiropractic is pleased to partner with Dr. Patti Bartsch and the Pain, Injury & Brain Centers of America.  Starting in January, we will be offering Nutrition Coaching and state-of-the-art treatments to help patients to reach their health goals fasterand to maintain them longer.

Come in for an informational meeting on Jan. 11 at 5:30.

This completely safe, non-invasive & effective therapy utilizing the most sophisticated medical instrumentation, combined with an exclusive technique, is getting the attention of people fast!  Although this technology has been around since the 80’s, it was used almost exclusively on world-class athletes and the Hollywood elite.  Through organizations like the Pain, Injury & Brain Centers of

America, these treatments are now available to you!  View testimonials at:

If you, or someone you know suffers from any of the following conditions, please contact us at

608-406-2489 to learn how these treatments may help!


Join us
for an Informational Meeting on 1/11/12 at 5:30pm at River City Chiropractic to
learn more!


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